Are you too tired to be happy?

  • Feel like you’re fighting every one of your hormone
  • Too wiped out to exercise – if you can find the time to do it at all? 
  • Can’t think straight and feel utterly overwhelmed? 
  • Have forgotten who you are and what bring you joy?  

Join us for a year of exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching for your bigger, better life! And save almost $53,000 compared to working with us one on one. We want to make 2018 your best year yet!

You can't go on this way and you don't have to. With this program you’ll get all the good stuff you know Sarah and Dr Brooke for: inspiration, hormone help, exercise and diet advice, lots of laughs and a ton of compassion. 

We know how hard it is to get it all done and prioritize your own self-care – especially if you’re feeling like garbage already!  

We know you need support and working with us via this private Facebook group you’ll have us as well as other women just like you who want to feel healthy and happy and most importantly: not alone. We’ll spend an entire year with you addressing your health from meditation to muscle, thyroid to ovaries and everything in between. And we’ll be right there with you each step of the way and able to share with you more tools and more insights that we can on the podcast or even one on one.  

Here’s what you’ll get:  

Weekly coaching with Sarah or Dr Brooke via a private Facebook live  

Weekly prompts that help organize your mindset and intentions for the week to ease overwhelm and keep you accountable  

Five delicious recipes from Sarah every month

Monthly recorded meditation from Sarah  

Weekly mantra suggestions from Dr Brooke  

Exercise and movement critique by Sarah within 24 hours whenever you upload a video to the private group

Monthly live training session with Sarah delivered via Facebook live video. You can join and train right along with her or you can utilize the video for learning proper form.  

Our unique strength training template customizable for your own unique hormonal issues and done for you workouts.  

12 Month Hormone Curriculum With Dr Brooke delivered via one live webinar per month:  

*Understanding Adrenal Hormones & Treating &ultiple Causes of Stress * Inflammation Impact on Female Hormones: The Hormone Mess Maker * Fix Your Gut Fix Your Hormones: Gut Health’s Impact On Hormones * Detox: It’s Not About Green Juice When It Comes To Your Hormones * Understand Your Thyroid Physiology & Testing * What You Need To Know About Autoimmunity * All About PCOS * Managing Menopause & Changing &emale Hormones * Contraception & Fertility * Muscle As Medicine * Healthy Aging * Acne & Healthy Skin

++ Topics subject to change ++ Monthly webinars will be 3rd Tuesday of each month. Any schedule changes you will be notified as soon as possible. ++ All webinars will be recorded and are yours to keep for the duration of the program. ++ This program does not include complete reviews of lab tests by Dr Brooke. However, if you decide to work with Dr Brooke one on one you can deduct $147 from her initial visit cost.  

We begin February 1, 2018! 

You can pay for the entire year upfront or pay monthly and cancel any time.  

If you were to work with us one on one and get the content in this program it would be a whopping $54,200 for the year! Paid in full before Feb 1 2018 this program is just $1297. You read that right, a savings of nearly $53,000.  

Who This Program Is Perfect For: Women who feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of hormonal info out there and unsure where to even start to feel better.  

Women who feel overwhelmed with taking care of themselves and the people they love.  

Women who want to feel empowered, vibrant and like the best version of themselves now and forever!  

Women who are AND are not working with another provider to get help with their health, exercise or hormones. This group is a great tandem to working with other providers and it’s also fine if you’re not working with anyone.  

Who This Program Is Not For: Women who won’t want the support of a group of other likeminded women but prefer just one on one coaching.  

Women who don’t have any questions about their hormones.  

Women who are not interested in changing their habits for a healthier lifestyle and happier hormones.  

Women who feel they are better served by only working one on one with a practitioner.  

But what if I don’t have PCOS or a low thyroid and that’s the what’s being taught in the monthly webinar? Truth is most women do not have a full understanding of their hormonal issues and are surprised when they hear a condition broken down and see themselves in it. As well, our current hormonal state is not necessarily static and many issues arise for us as we get older. This program will arm you with the education you need to spot undiagnosed conditions, prevent future hormone issues and ease your health concerns for the future. No matter what pregnancy, perimenopause or life bring you in the future you’ll be educated and ready to handle it optimally. Or you can use your knowledge to help anothr woman you care about!  

What others are saying:  

Women who have worked with Dr Brooke via a recent online program:  

Your program was seriously amazing! I absolutely loved the webinar format because I learned SO much from you- more than on my own or in our 1:1 sessions! I know how much you put into it and I can’t wait to do the year-long group! - Kelly  

I am so sad that this is the last week of the program, but I’m so thankful that I signed up! I lowered my A1C 0.8 in the one month of implementing the diet and supplements and also shortened my too long menstrual cycle by a week! I have hope of getting pregnant now, so thank you for going out of your comfort zone and doing this program for us! I definitely feel more empowered with my health struggles. - Kimberly  

At my last appointment my doc basically said well there is nothing else I can do. I basically cried all the way home. That is when I found you! I followed you online and finally jumped into this group and lost 2 pounds in 3 weeks. That doesn’t seem like a lot but that is huge for me! Your help with hormones helped me realize I’m dealing with high cortisol so I changed my workout from mostly CrossFit type exercise to more walking. I still lift 2 days a week and walk . Again thank you for doing this groug, I have learned more in the last 3 weeks than I have over the last 2 years. I love being able to take control of my health not just react to it! - Angie  

Women Who Have Worked With Sarah virtually:  

With Sarah's weekly guidance I upgraded my diet, learned new and functional workouts, gained spiritual guidance thru mediation as well as realizing the importance of finding myself thru the fog of everyday tasks (and joys) of being a wife, mom, and working full time. I still am learning, and each day brings a new challenge, but with what all I have learned from Sarah, I will be better everyday, and am enjoying the discoveries along the way". - Daisy  

Sarah helped me to look at myself in a totally different way and really helped me apply what she taught me to my life. It was a wonderful experience to say the least! Her coaching, support and encouragement meant the world to me and what I gained in working with Sarah is more self-confidence, a rock-solid nutrition plan and muscles, yes I said muscles! - Kimberley  

You’ll get all this goodness from BOTH of us! Just like these happy women who just completed our 4 week program:  

Everything I am learning about myself and all the strategies and tools I’ve been given in just four weeks have already changed the rest of my life for the better!!! I can’t wait for the year long group! - Heather  

I am loving this program!!! But I want more! I’m already registered for the year-long group with you both! - Noel  

I love all the info we are getting and I am taking lots of notes. What I truly love the most though having you and Sarah so accessible, that’s priceless! - Bonnie  

Love, love the holistic approach and that we are learning to listen to and honor our own bodies. I've lost a few pounds already, my sleep is better and I'm learning to do what is right for ME. That's kind of tough when you've been following mainstream group-think for many years. I see a big, permanent change coming! - Monica  

 I am soaking in all the knowledge and applying most of it to my daily life. I am in awe by how attentive Sarah and Dr Brooke are to each and every question. Thank you for helping us all to live a healthier life. I also love the holistic approach to taking care of ourselves! - Jill  

Isn’t sure what to expect with this program, but it has blown past all of my expectations. I’m so incredibly thankful for everything you guys have done and everything I’ve learned about my body. - Christy